26th Sep 2022
Grand Opening LAB42

Grand Opening LAB42

The Intelligent Robotics Lab has a new location: at the entrance of the LAB42 building. The Dutch Nao Team was one of the exciting experiences during the opening festival on...

13th Jul 2022

Dutch Nao Team @ RoboCup 2022

The Dutch Nao Team has arrived in Bangkok, Thailand to compete in the RoboCup World Championships. They play against 12 other teams. There progress in the competition can be followed...

15th Jun 2022

Battle of the Institutions

Eight students of the Universiteit van Amsterdam will compete in the Battle of the Institutions at the Robotics Hackaton at the European Robotics Forum. They have to compete against teams...

04th May 2022

Small robots working together

On the ground of our robolab a string of small Hexbot nano robots is tracked on their movement. This is part of a study of the Active & Living Matter...

11th Oct 2021

Locus Robotics new European headquarters in Amsterdam

This week the company Locus Robotics opened their European headquarters in Amsterdam, with demonstrations what their swarm of self-navigation robots could do in logistic settings. A Locus robot during the...

23rd Jul 2021
Nooit meer werken

Nooit meer werken

Four of our Nao robots have a summer job, being standin for the robots in the screenplay ‘nooit meer werken’.

22nd Jun 2021

The RoboCup 2021 has started

The Dutch Nao Team is ready for the upcoming games in the Standard Platform League. The Dutch Nao Team will participate in the Autonomous Calibration Challenge and 1vs1 Challenge. The...

07th Jun 2021

New Nao robots for Dutch Nao Team

This year the RoboCup will be played on the fields of the teams all over the world. The Dutch Nao Team received two new Nao robots, which means that they...

19th Mar 2021

Dutch Nao Team will participate in RODEO

11 European robot soccer teams will participate in the RODEO event, an initiative of the Nao Devils to test 5v5 games with the additional RoboCup 2021 rules for robot safety....

25th Feb 2021
Going to Space

Going to Space

For three months Arnoud Visser will be a visiting research fellow at the Planetary Robotics Lab of ESTEC. He will work on datasets recorded by the Heavy Duty Planetary Rover...